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Ebthal Ismaeil Abdullah

                                     CV - english

Qualification :

master of microbiology (bacterial pathogenic)

Symposium :

  • Cholera in the college of  nursing.

  •  Cholera in the college of  medicine.

  • Manufacturing of chicken …… vision future in the college of veterinary.

  • Issued limited of lacking in the college of nursing.


  • Usage of PCR technique (2007).

  • New of genetic of PCR (2009).

  • PCR in the laboratory diagnosis (2010).

  • ISO -9001 (2008).

  • Internal audit (2010).

  • PCR real time technique (2010).

  • PCR gradient technique (2010).


  • detection of Trichomonas Vaginals among women with contraceptive usage in Al-Najaf in the Thi-Qar medical journal.

  • bacterial contamination in student dormitory of al- kufa university campus in the kufa medical journal.


  • Medical sciences (researcher).

  • First national conferences for development higher education (participate).

  • First scientific  conferences of college of dentistry (researcher).